Wednesday, March 01, 2006

American Travel Warning hits new lows

The American government puts out travel warnings to many different parts of the globe. Israel has often been the subject of many due to Palestinian terrorism. The difference between the latest warning is that it goes far beyond.
The warning mentions: "In recent months, citizens of Western nations, including Americans, involved in pro-Palestinian volunteer efforts were assaulted and injured in the Occupied Territories by Israeli settlers and harassed by the IDF. Those taking part in demonstrations, non-violent resistance, and “direct action," are advised to cease such activity for their own safety."
This is truly unbelievable, what Western citizens have been assaulted by settlers or the IDF?First I'd heard of it. If we are talking about the violent demonstrations at Bil'in, then they can hardly come under this category.
Then comes the most cheeky comments: "Violent confrontation between organized criminal elements has led to the death and injury of innocent bystanders in incidents throughout Israel."
America, land of the dangerous inner-cities have warned their citizens about Israel. Having been to America on several occasions I know that there are just certain areas a white man can't go. I also know that in certain parts of the US if you wear the wrong colour you can get shot. So here is the US telling its citizens to be wary of Israel because of criminal elements.

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