Tuesday, February 28, 2006

When is incitement not incitement?

In recent weeks we have witnessed raging rioting all over the Muslim world as a result of the Mohammed cartoons. It seems the Arab world now consider anything as incitement.
The other day there was a front-page story in the United Arab Emirates popular Khaleej Times reporting that officials had seized 100 copies of an English-language textbook, World Cultures, from an American private school in Abu Dhabi because of what the newspaper called "a deluge of derogatory remarks against Islam and the Muslim world."
The report cites the most inflammatory chapter as saying, "Israel is one of a few democracies in North Africa and the Middle East today. Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Morocco are all kingdoms; the country of Syria has sponsored terrorism by giving aid to radicals in the Palestine Liberation Organization, known as the PLO."
The thing that is interesting to me is firstly, where are the derogatory remarks against Islam, and secondly what part of the above citation is incorrect?

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