Friday, February 24, 2006

Very important principle of Israel advocacy

When talking or lectruring about Israel advocacy, I always stress that an important principle when disseminating Hasbara is to understand who you are speaking to. Israel's 'Ambassador' Eytan Schwartz seems to have finally understoos this point as he wrote an article about his experiences in the UK. The article called 'Tough time in Britain', show the difference in experience between US and UK students.
Schwartz says," In the United States, it is easier to stir up sympathy for Israel when talking about terrorism, living in fear, and the desire for peace. British students are more apt to think things through, and talking about bombings and longing for peace are less likely to "work" to them. They fortify their opinions with arguments, and emotion has a much smaller bearing on them."
There is a good point here, sometimes emotion works and sometimes it is just cold hard facts. We must understand who we are speaking to an which tact will work best. An essential part of Israel advocacy as in all advocacy is to understand who you have to present your case to and act accordingly.

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