Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Turkey's image

According to Ynet News, Turkey is currently in need of a public relations makeover and has turned to Israel for help. "Turkish officials want to learn from Israel's experience in effort to present image as a modern, Western state."
As someone who is involved with Israel's public image and disseminating it to the outside world I have one very good tip. If you trying to present your nation is a "modern, Western state" then make sure your nation is that thing you want to present to others.
As someone who is constantly trying to defend Israel from such statements as 'racist', 'apartheid' and 'colonialist' I have to give credit to Israel and its people. Israel is actually none of these things and as an open, democratic society it is very easy to prove this. Of course there are people who won't listen, but then there is no point in even beginning an intelectual debate with these people.
Israel is quite simply unique as a nation that has been at war since its creation and been a pariah for large segments of the world. Yet with all this Israel has risen above and made itself into one of the most technologically advanced societies in the world. Israel has laws on its books that would make even the most liberal democracies in the world salivate.
Quite simply put it is relatively easy to disseminate PR about Israel because of what Israel is and what it represents. Turkey would do well to follow suit before engaging on an expensive and perhaps futile PR exercise.

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