Thursday, February 09, 2006

Out of Africa

An interesting part of Israel's history was recounted by ex-diplomat Yehuda Avner in an article titled 'A Jilted Love Affair with Africa'. This comes as a timely reminder of Israel's extended hand to African nations that Israel helped during the early years of the state. While the cannard of 'Apartheid' is being resurrected in certain quarters it is extremely important to remember that Israel sent finacial, medical and humanitarian help to Africa. This was then thrown back in Israel's face after the 1973 war when all African nations severed ties with Israel at the behest of their new allies the Arabs.
There are those who point to Israel's dealings with the apartheid regime in South Africa as proof that the two governments were ideologically close. The assertion of course ignores history, Israel had excellent relations with much of the world, especially sub-Saharn Africa until the Arab world made them choose. Israel had nowhere to turn and it was obviously felt that to be in bed with the devil is better than disappearing. Difficult choices, but it was literally the existence of the nation at stake.
With organisation like Israid, MASHAV and Save a Child's Heart show that Israelis still offer many helping hands to Africa and the world.

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