Tuesday, February 14, 2006

No substitute for knowledge

We have all heard people 'expressing' their staunch opinion on this matter or that. Many times when they are quizzed about the most basic facts concerning their opinion it shows that they actually have little idea what they are opining about. They may have heard an opinion somwhere and thought it sounded correct, or it is a popular opinion so they want to be held in the majority.
A Gallup poll recently released is very telling on this matter. The poll generally shows that more Americans are supporting Israel than they have since the first Gulf War in 1991. The interesting part of the poll is the fact that the more informed the person is, the more likely to support Israel they are. The more in tune with global affairs the person is the more likely they are to find in Israel's favour.
This is a very telling statistic.
Whenever I have to defend Israel in public or private forums I have always used the tactic of proving the basic premise of the arguement to be false thus shattering all other assumptions built around it. If a person throws out a statement like "Why don't you give the Palestinians their state back?" I will first ask them when there was a Palestinian state for us to give back. You will be amazed how many people were sure there was an independent Palestinian state. When they are proved wrong on this simple but vital point you can see a level of uncertainty in many of the follow up statements or questions.
In my opinion, this is the first key to Israel advocacy; BE INFORMED. There is no substitute for knowledge and you can be sure the majority of people out there do not even know the most basic facts about the subject matter. When you have information and facts this is the greatest weaponry when tackling Israel detractors.

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