Wednesday, February 15, 2006

KIC Question of the Day #4

If Hamas is willing to talk to Israel once it has retreated to the pre-1967 borders, given away Jerusalem, released prisoners and stopped defending itself, what will they have to talk about?

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Mr Jew said...

Exactly... well put !

I feel the problem today is that everyone is scurrying around trying to find solutions, work out game plans, diplomatic efforts and various futile what-if scenarios...

As jews and as israelies (most of us) we understand at least the bare truth... that islam can never be at peace with judaism...

At some point and hopefully not too late the rest of humanity will recognise this stark truth... i mean the arabs say it quite blunty... perhaps when the world opens its ears will some viable strategies be discussed.

Netanyahu put it right...'if someone persists in saying they want to kill you....LISTEN'

anyhow until then... i'm going to bet that the next few years irrespective of liku, kadima, labour will be filled with pain, suffering and false hope.