Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Just in case anyone was in doubt

There are those who still believe that Hamas are a pragmatic force that will eventually come around to accomodation with Israel. To those with a little knowledge of Hamas know this is unlikely in the foreseeable future.
In case anyone needed another example, one is easily found on the Hamas military wing, Az A-Din Al Qassam website. At the top of the page is a constantly recurring Star of David being blown to smithereens in what aludes to a buclear explosion.
I would also recommend looking at the English version of the website to become acquainted with this murderous organisation. I will tell you that I have been reliably informed by someone who reads Arabic that the English version has been massively toned down. However, it is still instructive to learn about how an organisation can make extremely contradictory statements about the cause of their terrorism, a good lesson in 'double speak'. Pay special attention to the word 'occupation', while the word assumes they must be talking about the West Bank only. Upon further reading it should be abundantly clear that all of Israel is considered 'occupied'.

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