Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Israel gets a new 'Arsenal'

I have to say this story is close to my heart. Having been born and bred a 'gonner'(Arsenal football fan) I was overjoyed to read that Israel and Arsenal are now partners. Arsenal have a good history of interest in Israel whether funding and running Arab and Jewish Israeli cooperative sports projects or running football schools for new immigrants from Ethiopia and Russia (which yours truly was honoured to be a coach on).
This is a big coup for Israel to have one of the most well known and popular sports teams in the world to advertise and promote Israel. One of the more startling and definitely positive outcomes of this partnership is the 'Emirates' angle.
Arsenal are building a new stadium for next season and through a deal with the United Arab Emirates airline 'Emirates' will be the name of the stadium as well as the major sponsor. Before the Israel-Arsenal partnership could be signed, Arsenal had to ask their major sponsor if they minded advertising Israel in the stadium. Apparently they had no problem with this deal so next season you will see at least in one place in the world the United Arab Emirates and Israel side by side.

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Aussie said...

Now there's some good news! Hopefully we'll see a sea of teams willing to do the same thing.
Isn't Arsenal a very Jewish-supported team?