Monday, February 13, 2006

Half of Israelis oppose further pullouts

A recent poll that was released states that 50% of the Israeli public oppose further withdrawal.The poll also showed that 68% of Israelis feel the government has not done enough for the evacuees. As this is something I have mentioned in previous postings, I am pleased to show that I do not stand alone.
The important poll result is the first. During the lead up to the disengagement we were constantly bombarded with polls that claimed the people wanted disengagement and the government were implementing a populist policy. Now we see the opposite, will the government take note?
61% of those polled said that the disengagement was a good thing as it had improved Israel's image in Europe. This does not bear a resemblance in reality as we see the Church of England voting to divest from Israeli companies. We witness Russia giving official welcome to Hamas, with France as its cheering section.
So Israel evicted 8,000 people and put itself through a national trauma (46% of people felt disengagement caused a rift in Israel) so we could have a non-existent better image in Europe.
No wonder the people of Israel have said they do not favour extra evacuations if the price Israel would have to pay was too great and the rewards too minimal.

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