Friday, February 17, 2006

Great Danes?

The Danish football team is supposed to arrive later in the month to play the Israelis in a friendly game. It now appears that several Danish players have voiced fear and trepidation about playing in Israel.
Goalkeeper Tomas Sorenson, of England's Aston Villa, said: "It's not that I'm scared for my life, but I don't have a good gut feeling over the game. We should remember that this game is only a friendly, and there are much more important things in life."
Well I say to Tomas, go and do them. You get paid more in one week than most do in a year and now you are scared to do your job. If you had to travel to Israel for business to put food on your plate, you most certainly would.
Apart from the typical capitulation of certain European nations in the face of violence, they give thugs, terrorsim and violence a victory. They have quite simply won the battle of mettle, they have shown they can bully whoever they want, whenever they want. By pulling out of events because of fear they are telling the rioters, violence pays off.
If this a clash of civilisations then we know who has won this round, thanks to weeping willows like Tomas Sorenson. They have terrorised you and it has paid off, who knows what this act of capitulation will inspire the rioters to do next. On your shoulders Tomas!!

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