Sunday, February 05, 2006

The Disengagement is not finished II

We were told one of the advantages of evacuating the settlements in Gaza was that the IDF would have a more free hand to attack terrorist organisations in Gaza and they wouldn't be able to stand behind the fact that Gaza is 'occupied' to justify their attacks on and in Israel.
As with other facets associated with disengagement, we are still waiting.
The Kassam attack on Kibbutz Karmiya on friday ended with injuries, including those to a 10 month old baby. The people who live in the area of the Kassam attack were Gaza evacuees and have been moved by the army to a safer location, of course just like with the disengagement noone bothered to see that they actually had a place to stay.
Israel retaliated to these attacks by launching their own by targeting Fatah's al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades members. Unless I'm very much mistaken isn't that the same sort of tactic they used before disengagement????
Quotes like "the gloves will be taken off" and "The IDF will use all mean necessary" have been shown to be meaningless. We disengaged from Gaza, Gaza is 100% free of Israelis of any kind. Gazans can now travel freely to the outside world, goods can come in, safe passage routes have been given to and from the West Bank. Yet, here we are still being attacked.
Recently the Palestinians conducted open and free elections and voted in their next government. For all purposes Gaza is an independent entity with its own administration under no form of occupation. I would like to know then, why do we not respond to attacks as any other soveriegn power would?
Any other nation in the world who had their civillian population under attack would respond with full force until it ended. Our reaction is to target a few people and remove our own population centres further from the border. We are disengaging now from Gaza and its periphery. These people left their homes under the belief that their sacrifice would make Israelis safer, but it obviously hasn't, so they know their sacrifice was in vain.
The disengagement will not be finished until all facets associated with it are completed, above all the complete safety of Israelis who live near the Gaza Strip.

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