Sunday, February 12, 2006

Bring them home

Israel is moving to the pinnacle of election season and passions are high as politicians will do everything necessary to convince you that their party will solve all the needs of our society. All sorts of act, promises and pleas will be made to various groups who it is felt are needed to support their candidacy.
However, there is one group in need who will probably not get a look in and their dire situation will probably not even be given a second thought. The people are Ethiopian Jews and those that are still waiting to come home to 'The Promised Land'. It is an abolute disgrace that there are people who have been recognised as Jews yet they have to wait in terrible circumstances for the Israeli government to get its act together to bring them home. Another remarkable part of this story is that Israel has set a monthly quota on their arrival. This is the nation that fought desperately to shatter the British mandatory discriminatory quota system applied when the Jewish people were dying in Europe. Here we have other Jews who are starving and dying of disease waiting in shacks around the Israeli Embassy in Ethiopia to fulfill the dream that millions of other Jews have had to the honour to fulfill.
While we bring in many people from other parts of the world who aren't Jewish and have no intention of becoming part of the Jewish nation, here we have a group of Jews who have given up so much to make the trip to return to their ancestral lands. It is about time Israel did its job as the homeland of the Jewish people and brought them home.
People talk about cost, but cost was never an issue for other aliyot, we have brought over many more in a much shorter time and we managed. It is not a political issue especially for a people with little support in the upper echelons of power. This goes to the very root of who we are as a people. For thousands of years we were dispersed and now we have our homeland back we should not wait another minute to absorb Jews whose dreams are the same as mine and every other immigrant.
For those who would like to know more about who the Ethiopian Jews are just clink on this link.

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