Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Arab parties won't take Arab women, but Zionist parties will

It is ironic that much of the world sees Israel as the beacon of all discrimination when the facts tell a different story. A good example is the status of Arab women, Arab women in Israel have rights, chances and choices which are many times forbidden to their Arab sisters elsewhere. It is the Jewish state that has seen to the rise in health, education and status of the Arab women in Israel. It is no thanks to the Israeli Arab establishment, in fact it is that establishment which continually tries to act against the furtherment of its female population.
While no Arab party has ever sent an Arab woman to the Knesset, a Zionist party, Meretz has. Once again all the Arab women running for Arab party seats in the Israeli parliament have failed to make the cut. In 1999, the Meretz Party placed Hussniya Jabara in the Knesset and now the Labour party has put Nadia Hilo at number 15 on their party list which will mean that she is almost certain to become a lawmaker in the next Knesset session.
Those that call Israel 'apartheid' and 'racist' would do well to look at the facts from time to time. They might be astonished to find some truths they don't like to face.

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