Friday, January 20, 2006

There's nowhere they'd rather be

A recent survey conducted by the Institute for Policy and Strategy at the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya tells us that Israelis are the biggest patriots in the West. This is interesting indeed, but what is far more enlightening is something hiding later in the report in relation to Israeli Arabs......
"77% of Israeli Arabs compared to 66% of Israeli Jews believe that Israel is better than most other countries, especially with regard to social welfare. Arab pride in the welfare system is three times as high as Jewish pride, with 53% of Arabs expressing pride in the welfare state compared to 17% of Jews."
This is astounding, especially for our foreign critics who constantly cry out about the unfair treatment of Israeli Arabs. It would seem that the Israeli Arabs themselves do not agree. Israeli Arabs are fully part of Israel's welfare system and receive their entitlement. They look East at their Arab brethren in other countries and they do not like what they see.
I remember a few years ago they did a poll in East Jerusalem where they asked the Arab residents if they wished to be Palestinian citizens or Israeli citizens. I seem to remember the number was close to 90% wanted to be Israeli.
While much of the world taints us with the discrimination brush, it would seem that those who are being 'discriminated' against do not agree. I am not saying the situation is perfect or even 100% equal. Can someone please name me a country on the face of this earth where a minority is treated exactly the same as the majority?
For all the cries of discrimination emanating from the Arab Knesset members, ask the Arab Israelis where they would rather live - many would be shocked at the answer.

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