Tuesday, January 03, 2006

KIC...With a new face

As Michael will be busy for the next few months I will be standing in for him. My name is Ashley Perry and I am originally from London, UK. I made Aliyah 5 years ago and currently live in Efrat. I work as an Israel advocate, writer, researcher and journalist for numerous Israel and Jewish related organisations. I hope to follow in Michael's fair and honest footsteps by presenting to you issues of interest in Israel current affairs.
Just to give you an idea of my writing and my viewpoint you can view two opinion pieces I wrote. The first was written a while ago but I still think it is pertinent especially in light of the media attention the settlers receive. It is titled 'I am a settler'. The second was written after the disengagement from Gaza was completed and its title is 'I am proud to be an Israeli'.
I hope that my postings will be interesting but most of all will inspire debate and inquiry.

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