Thursday, January 26, 2006

Israel, officially the root of all evil...

I thought I had heard it all.
Israel is responsible for the misery of the Palestinian lives.
Israel is responsible for the Iraq war.
Israel is responsible for international terrorism, or perpetrates it.
And now coming to a theatre near you...... Israel is responsible for GLOBAL POVERTY!!!!!
Yes, that's correct. According to an official World Economic Forum booklet titled 'Boycott Israel', there is "an organic link between the occupation and colonization of Palestine and diverse and pressing global issues ranging from the war on Iraq to global poverty."
This quote is taken from the first paragraph of a very long-winded diatribe against Israel. What is very interesting is that nowhere in the 22 paragraph pamphlet is this assertion explained, justified or even repeated. So it is left standing there, tantalising all who read it (and it was handed out to all delegates at the World Economic Forum in Davos) that the real root of golobal poverty is Israel and if Israel wasn't being so belligerent the world would have food.
Apart from the fact that this is quite an amazing assertion and without even a shred of evidence, it is also a dangerous lie. There are exteremly pressing issues in the world connected to poverty like starvation, lack of immunization programs and epidemics like AIDS killing millions. The danger of this pamphlet lies in the fact that it may convince some people that there is a simple solution to world poverty and all the real root causes will be ignored.
Once again at a useful international meeting, there is an attempt to hijack an important gathering by an extreme element with a hateful aganda. Just like in Durban in 2001 and the UN (pretty much all the time), there is so much time wasted condemning Israel that real issues where millions are dying or are being oppressed are ignored.
This is not even an Israel advocacy issue, it is a global issue for those who want change and attention for the challenges the international community face today. If the world continues to see the end of the Israeli occupation (according to many including the end to Israel itself) as the link that will end so many other problems, then we as citizens of the world are in a lot of trouble.


ifyouwillit said...

Why confront issues such as AIDS or poverty when Israel is only going to "make everything worse"...

rachlovestheweb said...

What's the World Economic Forum and what made the booklet "official"? I tried to look but the article's no longer available - a good sign i guess!

Ashley Perry said...

The World Economic Forum (WEF) is a Geneva-based foundation whose annual meeting of chief executives of the world's richest corporations, some national political leaders (presidents, prime ministers and others), and selected intellectuals, NGO's and journalists, about 2000 people in all, is usually held in Davos, Switzerland. The booklet was part of an official pack that is given to every delegate at the forum. It has since been removed from the internet site.